All about Hamro share affiliate program. [Available from version 6.3.3]

What in the world is this?

  • Affiliate means you can earn money while selling the product.Hamroshare premium in this case
  • You get the centain percentage of the total profit in a sale, whenever you refer a new client for hamroshare
  • How to Apply?

  • Right now you can Apply by emailing us @ or just send us message via Instagram or Facebook
  • Mention about email you have logged in the app and preferred coupon code eg: "YOURNAME123" and how will you promote to get affiliate.Example is below
  •               Dear Admin,
                  I would like to join the affiliate program.My details are as follow:
                  Email : []
                  Coupon: [YOURNAME123]
                  I can get affiliates by [your primary reason here eg: making tiktok or memes]
                  Thank you,
                  [your name]

    How do i know if my affiliate program is activated?

  • After it is activated you will get an notification in app
  • Once coupon is added you will get another notification in app
  • How to have multiple coupons?

  • Send an email with multiple coupon request and mentioning reason for it
  • How to use coupon code?

    Can I use my own coupon code?

    How do i track my income?

  • Once activated on your profile screen should see new section with earning and payout details
  • How do i payout my income?

  • Once your income is more that thershold you can request the payout directly from app.
  • Supported payout platform are Khalti/Esewa/Ime Pay/Bank Transfer
  • How earnings are calculated?

  • For each sale you bring you get [ 7-14 days of extra premium package as bonus] and certain percentage from profit.[Description below are subject to change with time].
  • The rough calculation example
            For sale of 555 package @ Rs 522 [After 6% discount] you get ~Rs 51 .